• Sitting at the feet of the Abbot of Buckfast

    Sunday 9 October 2011  Yesterday, at a Biblefresh Festival at the Mint Methodist Church in Exeter, I joined a group led by Father Abbot David of Buckfast Abbey.  The Abbot talked engagingly and inspirationally about Benedictine Spirituality and Lectio divina...

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  • The Flower

    The Flower

    If you visit, as I did recently, the little church in Bemerton where George Herbert was rector in the 1630s you'll see a beautiful Altar-Frontal designed by Jane Lemon and made by the Sarum Guild. It illustrates Herbert's poem 'The...

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  • Love


    On the day that George Herbert was inducted as Rector of Bemerton in 1630, his friends waited outside, as was the custom. They listened as he rang the bell of St Andrew's Church to signify that he'd taken possession of...

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  • The Collar

    The Collar

    From the little church of St Andrew in Bemerton, George Herbert could walk along the bank of the River Nadder to the services at Salisbury Cathedral. Herbert also walked along a road which is perhaps unfashionable today - the way...

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  • A Living Reality

    Hodder and Stoughton, 1985. Published in the US by Harold Shaw and OMF Books as Spiritual Secrets of George Muller Concentrates on Muller's relationship with God based on his own writings. Covers the nature of faith, prayer and the...

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