Pope Francis to young people: Don’t be afraid to dream great things!

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   Here is a translation of part of what Pope Francis said at his weekly General Audience address in St. Peter’s Square yesterday: In the square, I saw today there are many young people.  Is it so? Are there very many young people? Where are they? To you, who are at the beginning of the journey of life, I ask: have you thought about the talents that God has given you? Have you thought about how you can put them at the service of others? Don’t bury your talents! Bet on big ideals, those ideals that enlarge the heart, those ideals that will make your talents fruitful. Life is not given to us so that we can keep it jealously for ourselves, but is given to us so that we may donate it. Dear young people, have a great soul! Don’t be afraid to dream great things!

Source: Zenit