Pope Francis on the opportunities for evangelism offered by the Internet

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 Pope Francis said yesterday that proclaiming Christ in the digital era is a special field for the work of youth. He was addressing the Pontifical Council for the Laity whose members were concluding their plenary assembly on the theme of “Proclaiming Christ in the Digital Era”. While warning of “dangerous illusions and traps to be avoided from the internet”, the Pope said that if guided by the Holy Spirit, they can discover opportunities to lead mankind towards God.” The most important possibility that digital communication offers, he continued, is the proclamation of the Gospel that requires authentic and direct human relations. Technological skills, although important is insufficient. “This, however, does not mean that the presence of the Church on the web is useless; on the contrary, it is indispensable to be present, always in an evangelical style, in what has become for many people, especially the young, a sort of life environment, to reawaken the insuppressible questions the heart asks about the meaning of existence, and to indicate the way to He Who is the answer, the divine Mercy made flesh, the Lord Jesus,” the Pope said. Concluding his address to the Pontifical Council of the Laity, Pope Francis told the members that the Church will continue in searching new ways to evangelize. In this mission, he concluded, “the contribution and the witness of lay faithful is shown every day to be indispensable.”  Source: Zenit