George Muller’s simplicity and joyful experience of the living God

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 Today I received the following message: “I’m a follower of Christ, from Indonesia. I picked up your book on George Muller. It is a startling book, in every sense. There seems to be a resurgence of work by the Church among the poor, in reaching them with the Gospel. I myself, by God’s leading, was much influenced by these UK evangelicals (esp. Tim Chester), but was left wondering whether it comes ultimately down to contextualizations and methods. I know the Gospel and prayer are the only key, as they taught also, but still as a head-knowledge. Muller’s life, as recorded in your book, changes the whole subject of my thinking about this issue. He shows such simplicity of faith, with profoundly joyful experiences with the living God, it left me wondering deeper: is the same God whom Muller trusts also the very same God whom I trusts? I thank God for your faithful narratives of his life. Please pray, by God’s grace, I may imitate him, insofar he imitates that blessed childlike dependence towards the Father. Again, thank God and thank you. God bless you.”

I replied: “I was pleased to get your message. I wrote my biography of George Muller when I was in my late 20s and the book was published when I was 30 years of age. Next year I shall celebrate my seventieth birthday, yet George Muller is still a great hero for me – although he would have wanted to give the praise to the God in whom he delighted and to Jesus.

I agree that there is always a danger of Christians being taken up with head knowledge but I agree with you that George Muller was different. You put it well when you speak of the simplicity of his faith and his ‘profoundly joyful experiences of the living God’.

 I have no doubt that the God who George Muller trusted is the same God who you trust and will answer your prayers if they are according to his will and if you take seriously what Muller wrote about prayer.
Since 1975, when my first book about Muller was published, I have written twelve more books but none tells a more remarkable story than the life of George Muller. God willing, I would like either to revise one of my books about him or write a new book about him which reflects my meditations about him over the last nearly 40 years. Please pray that I may be given the strength and wisdom to do this.
Thank you for your encouraging words and for asking the question you asked. May God bless you and all you do.”