George Müller: Delighted in God

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The Evangelical Times said of Roger Steer’s George Müller: Delighted in God, Hodder and Stoughton’s Book of the Year in 1975, that it ‘uncovers the man from the myths a first class piece of work’. Buzz spoke of ‘a fine book, excellently written and well researched, with plenty of human warmth, as well as facts. A real “must” for anyone who wants his faith in the Lord built up and challenged at the same time’. Dedication Magazine commended Hodder and Stoughton for performing ‘a valuable service to the Church of Christ in publishing this volume’ while The Expository Times noted that ‘Roger Steer retells the life of Müller for the present generation. The book should not only revive his memory, it should help to restore the faith we have allowed the scepticism of our age to erode’.