George Muller: Delighted in God

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Hodder and Stoughton, 1975.
Published in the US by Harold Shaw under the same title. Revised edition published as George Muller by Christian Focus Publications in September 1997.

In the early 1830s George Muller embarked on a venture which may be unique in the history of the Christian church. Disturbed by the faithlessness of so many of his contemporaries, he longed to have something to point to, in his words, ‘as a visible proof, that our God and Father is the same faithful God as ever He was as willing as ever to prove Himself to be the Living God, in our day as formerly, to all who put their trust in Him… It needed to be something which could be seen, even by the natural eye’. The project which Muller decided on to demonstrate God’s reality made his name a byword for faith throughout the world. And his achievement may still be seen ‘by the natural eye’. Roger Steer’s book tells the remarkable story of the founder of the Muller Homes for Children.

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