Climate: how the BBC has abused the trust of its audience

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I love the BBC.  I would never emigrate because I would miss BBC Radio 4 too much.  However I note that this Thursday the Global Warming Policy Foundation will release its new report The BBC and Climate Change: A Triple Betrayal, written by Christopher Booker and with a foreword by Sir Antony Jay.

The new report reveals that the BBC has not only failed in its professional duty to report fully and accurately on one of the biggest scientific and political stories of our time: it has betrayed its own principles, in three respects. The BBC has above all been guilty of abusing the trust of its audience, and of all those compelled to pay for it. On one of the most important and far-reaching issues of our time, its coverage has been so tendentious that it has given its viewers a picture not just misleading but at times even fraudulent.

It will be an important report and worth reading.