Amazon review says ‘Inside Story’ a ‘must-read for all thinking Christians’

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Describing ‘Inside Story’ as the ‘biography of the year’ an Amazon customer has written: ‘Roger Steer has produced a gripping and very readable biography of one of the great spiritual leaders of our time. John Stott’s contribution to evangelical Christianity, and immense gifts as a preacher and teacher, are well-documented in a way that appeals to the layman as well as clerics and academics. Particularly appealing is his depiction of this brilliant academic and theologian as someone who treated everyone the same, and was loved and admired by those who met him, as well as those who worked with him – all well-documented with thoughtful and amusing reminiscences from many of them. His human failings are noted too, honestly and fairly. Most importantly, Roger Steer is true to the character of John Stott, letting us see beyond the man himself to the Christ whose gospel inspired, and continues to inspire him to live the Gospel as well as preach and teach it. This is a must-read for all thinking Christians.’

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