14 reasons to doubt the man-made climate change case

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The scientific reality is that on virtually every issue, the claims of the promoters of man-made climate fears are failing, and in many instances the claims are moving in the opposite direction. A Climate Depot special report presented to the UN climate Change conference inDurban,South Africaon December 7, 2011 categorizes and indexes the full range of climate developments in a handy A-Z reference guide. The report (Special Report: A-Z Climate Reality Check) includes key facts, peer-reviewed studies and the latest data and developments with links for further reading, on an exhaustive range of man-made global warming claims.

1  The Antarctic sea ice extent has been at or near record extent in the past few summers and the ice is expanding

2  The Arctic has rebounded in recent years since the low point in 2007

3  Polar bears are thriving

4  Sea level is not showing acceleration and is actually dropping

5  Cholera and Malaria are failing to follow global warming predictions

6  Mount Kilimanjaromelt fears are being made a mockery by gains in snow cover

7  Global temperatures have been holding steady for a decade or more and many scientists are predicting global cooling is ahead

8  Deaths due to extreme weather are radically declining

9  Global tropical cyclone activity is near historic lows

10 The frequency of majorU.S.hurricanes has declined

11  The oceans are missing their predicted heat content

12  Big tornados have dramatically declined since the 1970s

13  Droughts are not historically unusual nor caused by humankind

14  There is no evidence we are currently having unusual weather.  Weather has always been unpredictable

 Scandals continue to rock the climate fear movement; the UN IPCC has been exposed as being a hotbed of environmental activists; former Vice President Al Gore is now under siege by his fellow global warming activists for attempting to link every bad weather event to man-made global warming scientists from around the world continue to dissent from man-made climate fears at a rapid pace.

 The idea that CO2, a trace essential gas in the atmosphere that humans exhale form their mouth, is the main climate driver is now being challenged by peer-reviewed studies, data and scientists from around the globe. It is not simply, the sun or CO2 when looking at global temperatures, it is the Sun, volcanoes, tilt of the Earth’s axis, water vapour, methane, clouds, ocean cycles, plate tectonics, albedo, atmospheric dust, Atmospheric Circulation, cosmic rays, particulates like Carbon Soot, forests and land use, etc. Climate change is governed by hundreds of factors, or variables, not just CO2.

 Professor Emeritus of Biogeography Philip Stott of theUniversityofLondonhas rebutted the notion that CO2 is the main climate driver. “As I have said, over and over again, the fundamental point has always been this: climate change is governed by hundreds of factors, or variables, and the very idea that we can manage climate change predictably by understanding and manipulating at the margins one politically-selected factor (CO2), is as misguided as it gets,” Stott wrote.

 MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen has observed that “Ordinary people see through manmade climate fears — but educated people are very vulnerable.”