The case for leaving the EU well put. How well can the other view be put?

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Why the UK will be more prosperous, more democratic and more influential by leaving the EU

Presentation by the Rt Hon John Redwood MP

Better for Business

• The UK can negotiate her own free trade agreements with the USA, China, India and other leading countries –after 43 years in an EU that failed to do so • The UK can decide which rules and regulations to impose on all UK internal business and all exports to non EU countries • The UK will continue to trade with the rest of the EU, and they will not impose additional tariff barriers on their trade with us • The UK will avoid new and higher taxes on business –the Financial Transaction Tax, VAT and Corporation Tax

Better for people

• The UK can decide whether to enjoy a £300 a year per family tax cut, or to increase public spending as we will save £10 billion on our net contribution to the EU • The UK government can guarantee all EU payments to farmers, Universities etc. out of the savings from our gross contribution to the EU • The UK could pursue a cheaper energy policy, taking people out of fuel poverty and aiding the industrial recovery of the UK.

A richer country

• On leaving we will be £10 billion a year better off –a 0.6% boost to our economy –from the saved net contributions • The UK balance of payments will also improve by £10 billion in the first year from saving the net contribution • There will be further economic gains from negotiating free trade agreements elsewhere, which the EU has stopped us doing • There could be gains to output from simplifying and making regulation more proportionate and risk based

A more influential country

• Out of the EU the UK will gain her own seat on the World Trade Organisation and will be free to follow her own approach to freer trade • The UK will gain seats on major standards bodies which set the world standard which in turn inform EU standards • The UK will have her own seat and policy at World summits like the Climate Change summits • The UK will be better treated by France and Germany, who will still want UK support and help for some of their activities

A freer more democratic country

• The UK will be able to make her own decisions through Parliament as guided and informed by UK voters • The UK will regain control of her own business, environmental, criminal justice and foreign policies amongst others • Once again we will live in a country where Parliament can change any law it wishes • The UK people will be sovereign again, able to elect people who do their bidding without the interference or prohibition of EU laws

Staying in would be a wild ride to political union

• Staying in is not some comfortable status quo with a few clumsy compromises • It is a wild ride to political union, as the rest of the EU tries to put in place the political union their currency union requires • Far from being a ticket to a prosperous market, it is a set of costs and laws that can impede freedom and prosperity