• Levin scowling in Anna Karenina

    Levin scowling in Anna Karenina

     Sheila and I are to see Anna Karenina at the Exeter Picture House this Friday. We wonder how close to the book the film will stick. For example on p 54 of the Penguin Classic edition of the book,...

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  • Jacob Sweeney’s favourite biography

    If you want to know about Evangelicalism as a movement you have to become familiar with John Stott. I was first introduced to him years ago through his magnificent work, The Cross of Christ. Few books are mind-altering or...

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  • Inside Story: The Life of John Stott

     "A young boy perched on a church balcony, dropping paper pellets into the hats of the ladies beneath him, grows into the greatest Anglican of the last 100 years - with warmth, perception and sympathy, Roger Steer describes the lifelong journey of...

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  • Good News For The World

    2004 200 years of making the Bible heard The Story of the Bible Society Roger Steer In 1800 a 15-year-old Welsh girl, Mary Jones, walked 28 miles, barefoot, across the side of a mountain to buy a Welsh Bible, for which she...

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  • Letter to an Influential Atheist

    Letter to an Influential Atheist

    Paternoster Lifestyle, 14th August 2003 Letter to an Influential Atheist is an open letter from Roger Steer to Richard Dawkins challenging Dawkins' atheism but not the theory of evolution by natural selection.

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  • Guarding the Holy Fire

    Guarding the Holy Fire

    Baker, Grand Rapids, USA, May 1999 From Wycliffe and Tyndale, Cranmer and the prayer book, Latimer and Ridley, Hooker and Herbert, Whitefield and Wesley, Newton and Simeon in England - Devereaux Jarrett and Alexander Griswold, Philander Chase and Charles...

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  • Church on Fire

    Hodder and Stoughton, May 1998 The Story of Anglican Evangelicals. A major survey of the Anglican church on both sides of the Atlantic. Roger Steer charts the contribution Evangelicals have made to the Anglican story and captures the zeal, commitment...

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  • Hudson Taylor: Lessons in Discipleship

    Monarch/OMF, 1995, with Foreword by John Stott. Hudson Taylor developed into one of the profoundest Christian thinkers of all time, and his thought has added weight because it arose out of a life of action, forged on the anvil...

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  • Canvas Conversations

    Corners Publications, 1995 The first fifty years of Devon Christian Youth Camps. This is no boring history. Here are living conversations that recall the personalities, the highlights, the struggles, the changes and unchanging purpose and value of the camps...

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  • Dream of Reality

    Hodder and Stoughton, 1993 An Evangelical Encounters the Oxford Movement. The Oxford Movement was not merely a revival within Anglicanism of High Church principals but a movement for spiritual renewal in the face of growing secularism and liberalism. In...

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